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Architectural Drawings

Whatever your requirement for detailed architectural plans, we can assist you in your design project by working with you to create the drawings you need.

Plans are usually required for design and layout, and for Planning Applications. We can produce standard 2D drawings of floorpans and elevations, full colour 3D plans that can incorporate specific fittings or even your furniture, and full interactive walk throughs so you can visualise your project, right down to floor coverings and wall colours.

Examples of plans required are:

  • Extensions
  • Renovations
  • Loft conversions
  • Change of use
  • Period properties
  • Listed buildings
  • New build houses

Before drawing anything, Nick likes to visit the clients and discuss their project ideas and give his thoughts and advice on how to make the design project work, before a measured survey or any architectural plans drawn.

It is important for him to get to know your tastes, the way you live or want to use your home, your lifestyle and the ideas you already have in mind for your renovation or building project. This is with a view to saving you, the client, money and time and make any Planning Application run as smoothly and cost effectively as possible.

So call Nick now, and arrange a free visit and a chat on 06 15 88 60 07.

Stage One

After an initial free meeting at your property and an informal chat, Nick can provide a provisional sketch drawing to outline your wishes and make sure everyone one is clear about possible constraints, design issues and potential planning or historical monument issues. He may also suggest further ideas about creating more usable space and adding value to your property.

The cost of the initial sketch drawing depends on the size of the project but is generally around 250 euros. Should you wish to go ahead and commission a full set of architectural drawings from Nick this sum will be deducted from the total cost. It is at this stage that a full measured survey (measuring accurately the building) would be undertaken.

Stage Two

This is the exciting stage in the design / planning process as now the plans will take shape. Architectural drawings will be drawn to set out the design and layout of the proposed project. You will be able to see and comment on the first draft and working with Nick, you will jointly be able to view and comment on the plans and make changes as required or desired.

A revised set of architectural plans will be provided to you for approval and a chance to make any final changes before submitting the application or consent.

Preparing the planning application process usually takes three to four weeks. During this stage it may be necessary for Nick to use the services of a structural engineer and/or a surveyor. These costs are not included in the fees.

Once you have approved the design the plans can be submitted for consideration on your behalf with the relevant authorities.

Stage Three

Once Planning Permission or consent has been approved, you may like to involve Nick further on a pro rata basis or to manage the renovation or new build project for you. Such details as electrical layout, plumbing and heating scheme, kitchen and bathroom design can all be undertaken and used to create a Scheme Of Work. He can organise approved builders, introduce you to previously used suppliers and other contractors who in turn can often provide you with advantageous pricing.

Approximate Budget figures will have been discussed during Stage Two and Nick will help you to achieve your project on budget. Fees will depend on the level of involvement required and the project size and complexity. Just ask Nick for more information.
To get your renovation project underway, call Nick now on 06 15 88 60 07 email him at nick@nicholas-groom.fr