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Property Viewing Service

Imagine being able to visit a property in France and see all the details that the estate agents don’t show you. Imagine all that being available to you on the web and accessible within just a few hours. Now you can make a ‘virtual tour’ of the barns, village houses or Chateaux that you are potentially interested in without leaving your home.

Our Property Viewing service offers an excellent and innovative service helping you ‘see’ properties for sale in France from wherever you are based, without the need to make a trip yourself. This is invaluable in helping your select properties that really might be of interest and enabling you to discount others without crossing the channel or making a long wasted journeys.

Furthermore our network across Poitou Charente, Dordogne, Vendée and Gironde has excellent contacts with local agents and access to properties for sale that might otherwise not come to your attention.

On your behalf, we can go and visit any properties that have caught your eye or you find interesting and create 360 degree photographs and video, that you can access online, enabling you to feel like you are really there and see the property as if you were standing right there.

These can sometime be done in real time so you can ask questions or look at certain points in more detail right from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

We can also create floorplans to help you understand the house, barn or property in question, and write a visit report if required.

Our fees for visiting a property on your behalf and creating stunning 360 degrees photos on a room by room basis, including exterior, gardens and views, start from just 90 euros.

Call or email now to find out how you could be viewing property tomorrow…

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