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Planning permission in France

French rules regarding Planning Permission are quite different to the UK’s rules. They can certainly seem (and be) quite complex. Understanding the rules of planning permission in France takes some time and research.

Nick Groom will help make this process as simple for you as possible.

Planning Permission to alter or renovate existing property in France

Recent French planning changes will benefit property owners but note the rules for extending property.

The new rules state that homeowners in France, whose property is within a designated building area, can increase the size of their home by up to 30% without having to apply for planning permission. This is a huge benefit to property owners in France, who can go ahead with building extensions without the long wait and bureaucratic red tape. Do not though assume anything- Always check with the Mairie about what rules may apply before you start renovating or extending your property in France.

Planning permission (Demande de permis de construire) is still required for completely new buildings, ie; those where a building does not yet exist. The new measures only apply to the extension of existing buildings. So a new free standing building, such as a detached workshop or garage cannot be built without consent.

Declaration of works (Demande de déclaration préalable) It is important to note that you will still have to submit a Declaration of Works for approval even when planning permission does not need to be sought. A plan of the work must be submitted and approval given before you can continue. Be aware that approval is not guaranteed, even within the more relaxed new regime.

Whatever rules or permissions you require to extend or renovate your home in France, Nick will undertake the research required to ensure you have the correct documents from the outset for you application and produce the building drawings you require. He will make the applications on your behalf, saving you the time and headache of understanding the local, regional or heritage rules.